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Bee Removal can be dangerous. If you have bees swarming around your home or garden don’t delay. We can remove large and small swarms quickly and safely.
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Bee Removal

We remove and relocate bee hives and use them for pollination services. Completed bee removals from saved bees can continue to do what they do best. Interested in becoming a beekeeper and having a safe and maintained bee hive? Well don’t try to get rid of bees yourself! Call Lucky bees to provide a live bee removal service. Ask us about hosting a hive in a safe and maintained way. Depending on what city in Orange county, California you live in. You may be able to help save the bees. 

Live bee relocation service

Looking for a fast and responsive solution to your bee problem? We have been saving bees for over 6 years. Please give us a call or text at 714-264-7733. Before calling a bee exterminator! For a non-toxic solution, call Lucky Bees. Serving Orange county. 

Why get a full bee removal and relocation

Many companies offer to spray bees and leave the cleanup to a verity of other insects and rodents; When you leave dead bees, honey comb, and wax in your walls, it invites ants, rodents, wax moths, small hive beetles, and many other opportunist insects to move in to your home.

Lucky Bees removal service recommends a full bee hive removal to prevent any ongoing costs associated with leaving dead bees, honey comb, and wax in and around your home or business. Additionally, once the poisons are no longer active. Another swarm of bees are highly likely to move in to fill that void. Some companies will offer a 1 year warranty; The trick they use here is that they put silica dust or harsh insecticides in your walls; if you don’t want these poisons in the walls of your home or business, we offer a non-toxic bee removal service. We invite you to do the research and choose a non-toxic method for your bee removal.


Will my swarm of bees move on ?

Yes, it is possible but rare. Unfortunately, if you try to wait it out, it’s is also possible for the bees to get fully established and grow their hive. This will increase the cost of a bee removal. And the hive might also send out new queen bees to relocate and form other hives in additional places on your property.


Will you repair any damage associated with the bee removal?

No, but we can recommend a contractor or handyman proficient in stucco repair. We also suggest checking google reviews for contractors and ask for pricing. The costs can vary greatly depending on the company or person doing the repair. 


In short, probably not. There is only one way to tell – through expensive lab testing to confirm the genetics of the bees on your property. But if you notice that your bees are chasing you or your pets 1/4 mile away from their hive, they just might be aggressive Africanized honey bees. In which case, it’s best to get them removed right away.

Why have bees occupied my property?

The exact reason why they do this is not yet determined. South-facing walls and other specific factors may increase the probability of a swarm of bees locating on your property, but their choice seems to be random, at best.

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Customers reviews

We had an unusual experience of multiple hives gravitating to the area under our deck. It was not an easy place to get to, but Silas kept at it.
Phyllis OBrien
Silas does a great job of removing bees cleanly, safely, and without extermination. If you're looking for bee removal, it's a win-win.
Laura Melella
My grandma needed assistance with a bee problem in her back yard and Silas was of great help! He's definitely your guy if you want honesty, knowledge and competence.
Mark Mandujano

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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