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lucky bees specializes in bee removal and bee relocation services. We get rid of your bees, from your home or business in an eco-friendly way. Honey bees pollinate our food supply and play an essential role in the natural environment by creating honey for us to enjoy as well.

Our company was founded on the principle that honey bees should not be killed for fear of being stung. Lucky Bees is committed to providing high-quality services with integrity while being environmentally friendly at all times. Choose Lucky Bees.


The Story of Lucky Bees

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Lucky Bees was founded by Lucky McClellanwho has been beekeeping since 2015.

He has worked for several local bee extermination companies over the years. He discovered that although many companies advertise themselves as bee relocation services, they simply exterminate the hive after it has been removed. In spite of the fact that many companies provide live bee removal services, Lucky estimates that  live bee relocation takes place less than 10% of the time in Southern California. The key factor you want to see when hiring a bee removal specialist, that actually saves bees, is one they sell honey and two have current videos of bee removal work. check out our youtube channel and see for your self. we are also on Tiktok. we showcase our love for the honey bee. 

Instead of removing the bees, around 90% of unwanted bees are killed by pest control operators. After realizing this unsettling statistic, Lucky became determined to help. He founded Lucky Bees to help bees thrive. 

At Lucky Bees, we pride ourselves as happy pollinators, not exterminators.

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You’ll know when a swarm of bees has set up camp if you’ve seen them for more than one day in the same place. When a colony has established itself, it becomes difficult and dangerous for those without experience to remove it. That is why we recommend calling an expert to remove the bees. 

If you see them for a few days they are there to stay, It is also possible that the swarm of bees decides that your stucco wall, or roof line is a better home. At that point it can cost much more to remove bees inside of a void.

Lucky Bees will help you get rid of your bees in a safe and nontoxic way. The methods used by Lucky Bees are completely nontoxic and safe for both humans and honeybees alike. We promise to remove the honeycomb, wax and make your property bee free. They can return to your property any number of different places, but with the full Relocation and Repair Service we provide, you never have to worry about bees coming back into that same spot.

Lucky Bees is all about the bees – and that’s something you won’t find anywhere else. Lucky Bees will take care of your honeybees during and after the removal process with no extra charge for service or moving

 Lucky Bees offers an exceptional bee removal service, when removing your honey bees from your property, but we also promise to take care of our buzzing friends while moving them into one lucky yard. 


We get asked all the time, “Where do the bees go” when you relocate them? We believe it’s important to understand what happens to the bees and what does their new home look like. Watch the video to learn more about our eco-friendly relocation of the local bees.