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Is so Important to Us.

At Lucky Bees, we want to share the importance of bees with you

Lucky Bees is a company that specializes in bee removal and relocation. we offer the the most humane and eco friendly way to relocate and remove your bees.Our relocation process puts bees in a new home, rather than destroying them. With the belief that honeybees should be preserved, Lucky Bees is committed to protecting honey bees while providing high-quality services with honesty and integrity.

If your looking for a bee removal service that will be honest and transparent about what needs to happen, as to stop a reoccurring bee infestation. Lucky is happy to explain the process so you fully understand what service is nessacery to stop using pest control and fix the situation. 


Lucky Bees was founded by Lucky McClellan, who has been in the beekeeping business since 2015. Previously, he worked for a local bee extermination business, and was surprised after finding out that although many companies may advertise themselves as bee relocation services, they simply would exterminate the hive after removing it. Despite the fact that there are hundreds of bee removal companies in California, Lucky discovered that bee relocation occurs less than 10% of the time in Southern California. Lucky was shocked to find out this staggering statistic and, in response, he created Lucky Bees.

At Lucky Bees, we pride ourselves not as exterminators, but happy pollinators. We don’t want to do pest control we want to get rid of your bees , so we can control them in a domesticated bee hive, where honey can be extracted and pollination can take place in critical areas for food production.  


Lucky Bees is known for its environment-friendly, pesticide-free, bee saving solutions. While most beehives are usually not dangerous to people and don’t pose a threat, unless provoked. Fear might cause one to make reckless decisions, such as killing the bees, instead of relocating or removing them. Lucky Bees along with being eco friendly has one goal: providing our customers with all the facts, including the cost! It is important to lucky for his customers to fully comprehend. It is our goal to create a long term solution for your bee problem. 

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