Bee Removal in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa has an authentic cultural diversity and serene beauty. The city represents a luxurious standard of living, including restaurants, beautiful parks, art galleries. Due to diverse botanical gardens, many areas of Costa Mesa have honeybee hives. But, no need to worry; Lucky Bees is here to help you. 

If you have bees near your home, your workplace, or anywhere in Costa Mesa, do not be afraid. Bees  usually only sting you if you disturb them. So stay relaxed, do not mess with the beehive, make sudden movements, or any load noises. If you are allergic or a little scared, keep your distance. Basically don’t do anything to disturb the bees, and do not try to get rid of bees on your own. Take your phone and contact lucky bees at 714-264-7733, in costa mesa, California. For all your bee control services. 

Costa Mesa Bee Control Experts

Although bees are an integral part of nature’s cycle, most people don’t want a beehive near your home in Costa Mesa. If you’ve noticed these buzzing insects in your yard, or even inside your home, it’s time to give us a call.

Hives should not be touched without proper safety equipment and knowledge of bee behavior. At Lucky Bees, we are experts in the bee control and elimination of bees. We remove the hives safely, to avoid their return, and use ecological methods. Honey bees are a critical part of the biodiversity in orange county.

Lucky Bees technicians are Experts in Bee Control

The professionals at Lucky Bees have years of experience in finding hives and effectively eliminating them. Once the hive is removed, we will work with you to find ways to prevent further bee infestations. Transparency is important to us and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our bee relocation and bee removal services.

Seeking Help to Remove a Bee Hive

Bees are generally peaceful insects. Honey bees only attack when they feel threatened. bees will protect there hive with painful stings. when stung bees insert there stinger into your skin. This stinger will continue to pump bee venom into your system. It is best to scrape the stinger off. If you squeeze or pinch the stinger to remove it, more venom will be released. To eliminate any risk of a sting, it is best to have a professional get rid of the bees for you.

For your safety, we hope you entrust this to Lucky Bees – A professional bee removal company. Lucky Bees offers live bee removal as a bee control service. The idea here is not to eradicate the bees but rather to control them. To move forward for safe results we start by investigating the situation. Then we take the appropriate measures to remove the beehive that has taken up residence on your property.

By giving them a bee sanctuary, we can continue to reap the benefits that bees offer our ecosystem. We allow bees to live in safe areas that don’t pose a threat to people. This way bees can do what they do best, pollinate and produce local raw honey.

 Our Bee Removal Service

 It is in society’s interest to protect bees because they participate in the preservation of biodiversity. But if you are threatened by the existence of a nest near your home, you can take action.

If you have bees in your garden or around your residential or commercial property, contact Lucky Bees today by calling or texting at 714-264-7733 for an inspection.

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