Anaheim is home to disneyland and has flowering trees for the bees

They unfortunately even have bee problems.

If you see a beehive or swarm in Anaheim, call Lucky Bees.

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Lucky Bees is a professional bee removal service located in Orange County. We offer local bee removal services throughout Orange County, including Anaheim. Lucky Bees is a company that specializes in removing beehives from homes and properties without hurting the bees or damaging their environment. They are eco-friendly, bee-friendly, provide great customer service, and use innovative methods to maintain healthy populations of honey bees.

Originated around 2015, they have plenty of experience providing excellent services at competitive rates, like emergency removal any time of the day. Lucky Bees also offers a preventive measure for those who don’t want pesticides used around there home.

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When you find a bee hive, Lucky Bees will make sure to remove it for you. It doesn’t matter if the bees are inside your walls or not; we can still help! If possible, try to describe where the beehive is so that our team knows what they’re dealing with and how safe it is for them. This is important information because then we can know if the situation requires specific types of equipment.

Lucky Bees can remove bees in different ways depending on the situation – sometimes a bee vacuum, other times it’s just best to use your hands. We know which method is right because of our vast amount of experience and knowledge from removing bees. Removing bees by hand should only be done by professional specialists, so don’t try this yourself. Although it may seem simple, every removal is assessed to prevent property damage and to keep the removal process safe.

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Anaheim Bee Removal Process

In the case of Lucky Bees, there are a lot of different factors to consider when removing bees. This is because each situation has its own challenges that need special attention and unique solutions. At Lucky Bees, we find the best way to remove bees without harming them. We use eco-friendly practices that cause minimal harm and disturbance when removing these insects. When different circumstances call for a particular solution, we utilize the methods needed in order to solve your problem.

The process we use to remove bees in Anaheim is as follows:

  1. Our team of experts will assess the situation, and the type of bees and their location are just two factors that will determine the course of action to be taken. A plan will then be created that specifies which equipment will be needed, how long it will take, and how to remove the bees and honey comb.
  2. The actual removal process. In order to remove bees from your property, Lucky Bees Anaheim Bee Removal Service uses our experience in beekeeping, being as gentle as possible with the bees. To prevent harm to pets, children, or the environment, we use innovative techniques during the bee relocation process. With Lucky Bees Anaheim Bee removal service, we will locate, capture, and transport the bees using a vacuum or our hands.
  3. Cleaning and deodorization of the beehives. Lucky Bees Anaheim Bee Removal Service will properly clean your property to deodorize the beehives, we have the fastest and safest Anaheim bee removal service at Lucky Bees. Lucky Bees Anaheim Bee Removal Service’s main goal is to make sure you are satisfied by leaving your home free of bees. Call or text today for immediate bee removal service.