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And also high numbers of bee swarms and hives.

If you see a beehive or swarm in Costa Mesa, call Lucky Bees.

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Costa Mesa has an authentic cultural diversity and serene beauty. The city represents a luxurious standard of living, including restaurants, beautiful parks, and art galleries. Due to diverse botanical gardens, many areas of Costa Mesa have honeybee hives. But no need to worry – Lucky Bees is here to help you. 

If you have bees near your home, office, or in Costa Mesa don’t be afraid. Bees usually only sting if they feel threatened by the person that disturbs them so make sure to avoid this situation and call Lucky Bees today! They are a professional bee removal service company with experienced bee removal specialists offering affordable prices for their services.

Born from a passion for the environment, Lucky Bees provides high-quality service for Bee Removals and Bee Relocations, including bee-proofing.  Lucky bees is a full service Bee Removal company, all the services you need will be provided all in one and you needn’t worry about calling other services to get rid of bees from your property. Lucky Bees’s Bee Removal Techs are the most professional, polite and experienced in the industry. When you see these buzzing bees in your yard or home, call us for a free estimate on our removal services. We work with Costa Mesa and all of Orange County to get the job done right!

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Hives should not be touched without proper safety equipment and knowledge of bee behavior. At Lucky Bees, we are experts in bee control. We remove the hives safely, to avoid their return, and use ecological methods, as honey bees are a critical part of the biodiversity in Orange County. Lucky Bees works with both residential and commercial clients.

The professionals at Lucky Bees have years of experience in finding hives and effectively eliminating them. Once the hive is removed, we will work with you to find ways to prevent further bee infestations. Transparency is important to us and we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our bee relocation and bee removal services. 

Lucky Bees is not only a bee removal service, but also a full-service bee management company. Lucky Bees has the knowledge and expertise to manage your bee situation and provide you with services that will ensure that your bees are in good hands. Lucky Bees aims to help people remove bees to get rid of bees from their homes while providing a new home for the bees. Please reach out to us today!

Costa Mesa Bee
Removal Process

Costa Mesa Bee Removal Process

In the case of Lucky Bees, there are a lot of different factors to consider when removing bees. This is because each situation has its own challenges that need special attention and unique solutions. In Lucky Bees, we find the best way to remove bees without harming them. We use eco-friendly practices that cause minimal harm and disturbance when removing these insects. When different circumstances call for a particular solution, we apply what is needed in order to solve your problem.

The process we use to remove bees in Costa Mesa is as follows:

  1. Our team of experts will assess the situation, and the type of bees and their location are just two factors that will determine the course of action to be taken. A plan will then be created that specifies which equipment will be needed, how long it will take, and how to remove the debris.
  2. The actual removal process. In order to remove bees from your property, Lucky Bees Costa Mesa Bee Removal Service uses the least amount of disturbance possible. To prevent harm to pets, children, or the environment, we do not use poisons, smoky methods, or any other chemicals. With Lucky Bees Costa Mesa Bee removal service, we will locate, capture, and transport the bees using a vacuum or our hands.
  3. Cleaning and deodorization of the beehives.  The Lucky Bees Costa Mesa Bee Removal Service will properly clean your property to deodorize the beehives, we have the fastest and safest Costa Mesa bee removal service at Lucky Bees. Lucky Bees Costa Mesa Bee Removal Service’s main goal is to make sure you are satisfied by leaving your home in a clean area after we remove beehives.