Liguna Niguel, A warm and sunny little hillside town,

Is one of the bees favorite environments.

If you see a beehive or swarm in Laguna Niguel, call Lucky Bees.

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The Laguna Niguel Regional Park is home to a diverse landscape with natural areas that showcase woodlands, wetlands, grassland habitats among other features. It also boasts an 18-hole championship golf course which was rated as one of America’s 100 Best Golf Courses by both the Zagat Survey in 2005 and Golf Digest Magazine.

Hikers can find trails in Laguna Niguel to suit their needs. These range from beginner level, novice hikes for those who aren’t familiar with the region or hobby all the way up to advanced-level levels that involve more difficult terrain and skill sets. The hiking trails also provide a chance at spotting wildlife such as bees while on your journey around town.

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Laguna Nigel, CA

Would you like your beehive removed so that the bees won’t sting you? Lucky Bees provides professional bee removal services. They can get rid of any beehives and will make sure everything goes smoothly. Lucky Bees offers live bee removal in Laguna Niguel and is a professional bee removal service that offers humane removal of bees from residential and commercial properties. We provide live hive Bee Relocation. Lucky Bees provides one-on-one customer service for every client to ensure each situation is carefully handled with the best results possible. 

Lucky Bees is committed to sustainable practices, so its processes are all eco-friendly and thoughtful. Lucky Bees, bee removal process consists of three steps: removing the bees from your home or business with a Bee vacuum or by hand. Using skills learned as a beekeeper, bee removal techniques; extracting larvae by gently removing the honeycomb where the eggs and larvae are located; and finally deodorizing sanitizing and abating any remaining residue left behind where the hive once was. As part of our commitment to cleanliness, Lucky Bees also offer’s a service for cleaning up the mess left by the bees.

Laguna Niguel’s Bee
Removal Process

Laguna Niguel Bee Removal Process

In the case of Lucky Bees, there are a lot of different factors to consider when removing bees. This is because each situation has its own challenges that need special attention and unique solutions. With Lucky Bees, we find the best way to remove bees without harming them. We use eco-friendly practices that cause minimal harm and disturbance when removing these insects. When different circumstances call for a particular solution, we apply what is needed in order to solve your problem. Keeping you and the bees in mind. 

The process we use to remove bees in Laguna Niguel is as follows:

  1. Our team of experts will assess the situation, and the type of bees and their location are just two factors that will determine the course of action to be taken. A plan will then be created that specifies which equipment will be needed, how long it will take, and how to remove the any unwanted bees.
  2. The actual removal process. In order to remove bees from your property, Lucky Bees Laguna Niguel Bee Removal Service uses the least amount of disturbance possible. To prevent harm to pets, children, or the environment, we do not use poisons, or any other chemicals. With Lucky Bees Laguna Niguel Bee removal service, we will locate, capture, and transport the bees using a bee vacuum or our hands. Getting rid of bees in an eco friendly manor is our goal.
  3. Cleaning and deodorization of the beehives. With Lucky Bees Laguna Niguel Bee Removal Service will properly clean your property to deodorize the beehives, we have the fastest and safest Laguna Niguel bee removal service at Lucky Bees. Lucky Bees Laguna Niguel Bee Removal Service’s main goal is to make sure you are satisfied by leaving your home free of bees, after we remove the beehives. Bee nest removal has never been so easy with Lucky bees, bee hive removal service in Laguna Niguel. call or text today.