Placentia boasts rich agriculture and crops,

Which bees love.

If you see a beehive or swarm in Placentia, call Lucky Bees.

Placentia’s Top Bee
removal service

Lucky Bees is a family owned and operated bee removal service located in Placentia, California and is the best local bee control company when it comes to resolving your bee problem quickly and safely. Located in Southern California for six years, Lucky Bees is to be trusted for getting the job done correctly. 

Placentia Bee Removal Service

There is nothing like a quiet and safe city at night to allow you to sleep well, however, even these places have their own bee problems. Lucky Bees is here to help and serves Placentia and surrounding areas. 

Lucky Bees works with homeowners, commercial property owners, condominium associations and anyone else in need of our services. As part of the removal process, Lucky Bee searches for the beehive on your property, using state of the art equipment designed to locate these bees wherever they may be. 

lucky bees In
Placentia, CA

At Lucky Bees, safety is our top priority, that’s why Lucky Bees bee removal technicians are fully trained and insured, treating your property as if it were our own home. 

Lucky Bee’s bee removal specialists are transparent, and will explain your situation and the options available to you. Our bee removal specialists will remove the bees using different techniques, depending on your circumstances and are fully trained beekeepers – following strict safety policies. It is first and foremost important to ensure your safety and to prevent further damages to your property. Secondly, save the bees!

Placentia Lucky Bees is Dedicated to Saving Bees

Every day, we’re fighting to save the bees from bee exterminators. To do this, our company removes hives and does not harm them or their colonies so that they can continue pollinating, At Lucky Bees, we’ve seen these bees swarm through an opening on someone’s roof – the sheer weight of honeycombs can damage your home if you ignore the situation, because honey can drip down through drywall and cause damage. The cost of doing bee Removal will seem cheep, if you allow the bees to develop to such a stage. 

Placentia’s Bee
Removal Process

Placentia Bee Removal 

In the case of Lucky Bees, there are a lot of different factors to consider when removing bees. This is because each situation has its own challenges that need special attention and require unique solutions. At Lucky Bees, we find the best way to remove bees without harming them. We use eco-friendly practices that cause minimal harm and disturbance when removing these insects. When different circumstances call for a particular solution, we apply what is needed in order to solve your problem. Keeping you and the bees in mind 

The process we use to remove bees in Placentia is as follows:

  1. Our team of experts will assess the situation, and the type of bees and their location are just two factors that will determine the course of action to be taken. A plan will then be created that specifies which equipment will be needed, how long it will take, and how to remove the bee nest. 
  2. The actual removal process. In order to remove bees from your property, At Lucky Bees Placentia Bee Removal Service we use techniques to keep the bees in a non aggressive mode. To prevent harm to pets, children, or the environment, we do not use poisons, or any other chemicals. With Lucky Bees Placentia Bee removal service, we will locate, capture, and transport the bees using a bee vacuum or our hands.
  3. Cleaning and deodorization of the beehives. Lucky Bees Placentia Bee Removal Service will properly clean your property to deodorize the beehives, we have the most efficient ways to take great care of your bees. Placentia bee removal service at Lucky Bees is the best bee removal company. Lucky Bees Placentia Bee Removal Service’s main goal is to make sure you are satisfied by leaving your home in such a way that you would have never known bees ever lived there.