San Clemente is a coastal city in southern california,

That unfortunately suffers from bee problems.

If you see a beehive or swarm in San Clemente, call Lucky Bees.

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San Clemente is a coastal city in Southern California, In Orange County. San Clemente was Founded in 1887, this city of Spanish colonial architecture is the southernmost city in Orange County. This heritage is reflected in the slogan “Spanish Village by the Sea”. Even though Mount Soledad’s peak offers some ocean views, visitors prefer to stay near the ground so they can explore everything. A picture-perfect neighborhood full of quaint shops, delicious ice cream shops, and more. There’s an effortless sense of contentment within these charming walls as you’re reminded time after time how important nature is to us.

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As far as nature is concerned, bees are one of the most important creatures for our ecosystem. Their simple job of pollinating and making honey has a far greater impact than we can imagine. Bees have a reputation for being persistent insects outdoors.

Bees can be rather troublesome sometimes but it’s hard not to appreciate what these tiny creatures do for us in their day-to-day life. Among the most crucial factors in ensuring ecological balance is the spread of pollen from one flowering plant to another. Workers gather nectar, make honey, and cross pollinate our food – that’s how they survive. Just by paying attention and learning how much work each bee does, you can realize how important bees are in so many ways.

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San Clemente Bee Removal Service

All of our methods at Lucky Bees are bee friendly and are designed with the bees specifically in mind.  Our San Clemente bee removal services follow three simple procedures.

  1. Lucky Bees is a company that specializes in removing bee hives without harming the bees. After assessing how dangerous the beehives are, we assess which method is best to use and have developed an innovative way to remove live honey bees while ensuring their safety during transportation.
  2.  Once the honeycomb is removed from our beehives, we then extract any remaining larvae or eggs. Lucky Bees carefully removes the brood to ensure that the bee population remains at a healthy level. Honey and drone brood get separated and fed back to the bees. Old combs that may have mites or hive beetles get discarded and thrown away. 
  3.  We never know what to expect when we receive a call about a bee infestation, and it’s not uncommon for us to spend more time on deodorizing and cleaning than actually removing the beehive. You can make your property less appealing to returning bees by implementing our bee proofing techniques that physically repel potential swarms. It is critical to take our advice on how best to avoid additional bees from moving back into your property. 

San Clemente Bee Removal Service

Lucky Bees guarantees that you will be impressed with the results after we remove your bee infestation. We are committed to providing our customers with peace of mind when it comes to Bee removal and relocation of our honey bees. Call us today at 714-264-7733!