Tustin's city is rich with history,

and no stranger to bee infestations.

If you see a beehive or swarm in Tustin, call Lucky Bees.

Tustin’s Top Bee
removal service

Our local bee removal service in Tustin, California, provides quality and affordable honey bee removals, bee relocations, bee removal repairs, and bee proofing. 

This wealthy suburban city is named after a carriage maker who settled in the area over 150 years ago. The idyllic location, just minutes from Santa Ana, is ranked as one of the best 25 places to live and enjoy the beauty of southern California. From the beginning of Tustin’s origin, native sycamores and oaks grew in abundance, and bees played a critical role in this abundance. Let’s work together to protect our ecosystem and our honey bee populations. 

In addition to removing colonies from unwanted locations, Lucky Bees aims to educate the public about honey bee welfare. Our technicians are trained to safely remove beehives without damaging any important structures or vegetation. The materials and equipment used by Lucky Bees are the finest on the market.

lucky bees In
Tustin, CA

Lucky Bee’s technicians are trained to handle bees and get rid of bees without harming the bees or your property. Our team has years of experience with bee infestations, so they know best how to deal with hives safely both for humans and bees. Lucky Bees is the expert bee removal company that can quickly eliminate all hives from your property with no harm to anyone, so if you are in need of an effective bee removal service that will keep all parties happy, contact us.

Tustin Full Bee Removals

Our bee removal service includes everything you need for a complete bee removal.  To find and remove all bee hives on the property, Lucky Bee technicians will conduct a thorough inspection. After the bee removals, our technicians relocate the hives so that the bees have a new home and will have the chance to continue pollinating without any interruptions, as they are well-trained and equipped to handle any bee removal situation. As part of their services, Lucky Bees employs a time-tested beekeeping technique as to not to harm bees.

Tustin’s Bee
Removal Process

Tustin Bee Removal Process

In the case of Lucky Bees, there are a lot of different factors to consider when removing bees. This is because each situation has its own challenges that need special attention and unique solutions are often required. At Lucky Bees, we find the best way to remove bees without harming them. We use eco-friendly practices that cause minimal harm and disturbance when removing these insects. When different circumstances call for a particular solution, we apply what is needed in order to solve your problem. Keeping you and the bees safe is our top priority. 

The process we use to remove bees in Tustin is as follows:

  1. Our team of experts will assess the situation, and the type of bees and their location are just two factors that will determine the course of action to be taken. A plan will then be created that specifies which equipment will be needed, how long it will take, and how to remove the beehive.
  2. The actual removal process. In order to remove bees from your property, Lucky Bees Tustin Bee Removal Service uses the least amount of disturbance possible. To prevent harm to pets, children, or the environment, we do not use poisons, or any other chemicals. With Lucky Bees Tustin Bee removal service, we will locate, capture, and transport the bees using a bee vacuum or our hands.
  3. Cleaning and deodorization of the beehives. Lucky Bees Tustin Bee Removal Service will properly clean your property to deodorize the beehives, we have the fastest and safest Tustin bee removal service at Lucky Bees. Lucky Bees Tustin Bee Removal Service’s main goal is to make sure you are satisfied by leaving your home free of bees after we remove beehives. Call or text Lucky 714-264-7733